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Reunions are one of the most effective and popular ways for ExECS to stay connected. The ExECS reunion program hosts reunions every 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years! We also hold special events from time to time and these can be anything from a business lunch to BBQ.

Class of 1997 - 20 Year Reunion

Saturday 25 March 2017 7.00pm - 11.00pm

Class of 1997 - 20 Year Reunion


Class of 2006 - 10 Year Reunion

Saturday 14 May, 2016 7.00pm - 11.00pm

Let’s Celebrate! 10 years have flown by since you walked out of the College doors. A lot has happened in the nine years since your last reunion, so I’m sure there will be lots to catch up on and talk about! The venue for this reunion is Swipers Gully Vineyard and Restaurant. Some of you will be familiar with ELTHAM’s Hospitality Centre, but for others it may be a first visit. It is a great venue with a relaxed atmosphere and fabulous food. Tickets cost $25 per person and partners are welcome to attend. Please note that the overall ticket cost is significantly subsidised by the ExECS association. Bookings are essential and tickets can be purchased through TryBooking –, by Monday 9 May, 5 p.m. The Reunion will close at 11 p.m. at which time the ExECS Association will provide a complimentary bus service back to Eltham Station and the Eltham Hotel. Getting a taxi to pick up from Swipers is notoriously difficult! Please indicate when booking your ticket/s, if you would like to take up this option. If you are in contact with former classmates, please make sure they have received an invitation. If they haven’t, it means we don’t have a current email or postal address, so ask them to contact us. It would also be very helpful if you could please update your details when completing your ticket purchase, so we can keep our records up to date. If you have any questions or need any more information please contact me on 9433 9959 or email I hope to see you on Saturday 14 May! Kind regards Stacey Luke ExECS Association

Class of 1996 - 20 Year Reunion

Saturday 19 March 2016, 7.00pm - 11.00pm


Class of 2014 - 1st Reunion

Saturday 28 November 2015 - 7-10pm

Class of 1985 - 30 Year Reunion

Saturday 10 October 2015 - 7-11pm

Class of 2005 - 10 Year Reunion

Saturday 30 May 2015- 7-11pm

Class of 1995 - 20 Year Reunion

Saturday 21 March 2015- 7-10pm


Class of 2013 – First Reunion

Friday 21 November 2014 - 7-10pm

Class of 1984 – 30 Year Reunion

Saturday 25 October 2014 - 7-11pm

Class of 1994 – 20 Year Reunion

Saturday 26 July 2014 - 7-11pm

Class of 2004 – 10 Year Reunion

Saturday 31 May 2014 - 7-11pm

ExECS 40th Anniversary Life Member Awards

Saturday 29 March 2014 - 2pm

What a beautiful afternoon! Perfect weather greeted friends old and new as we joined together to celebrate 40 years of ELTHAM and the achievements of our newest Life Members;Damain Bishop (Class of '81), Keith McKechnie (Past Staff) and Geoff & Vivienne Ritter (Past Parents). We had a fantastic turn out of ExECS families, a mix of past students, parents and staff including a large contingent of those that were there on day 1 of the College.

Class of 1983 - 30 Year Reunion

Saturday 26 October 2013 - 7 to11pm

With a degree of nervousness for some, excitement for others, we met again at Swipers...some 30 years after we had said farewell to ELTHAM. The College was celebrating its 10th year when we left…. The D. D. Davey Library just completed, it was a very different place to the one we toured around before the reunion. The night was filled with stories of travels, family, employment, and children, which morphed by the end of the evening to memories of our years at the College and how young we all were!! Some having changed a little (and some a lot), the raucous conversations continued as if we had all been together just yesterday. The evening continued on to the Eltham Hotel, after which the stayers ended up at Jon Wilton’s house partying in his garage to about 4am! Oh what a night!

Class of 1998 - 15 Year Reunion

Saturday 7 September 2013 - 7 to11pm

Although it didn't seem that long since we'd caught up at the 10 year reunion, it was clear another 5 years had passed since we were all at school together. A small group from the Class of '98 met up ELTHAM’s City Campus….. a new revelation to us, and once again it was like we'd never parted. Gazing over the old school photos, it was easy to conjure up all the old memories and antics of the past. The City campus’s central location made the move on to later venues seamless, just a trot across the road. Thanks to the ExECS Association for putting on the event, we look forward to catching up with everyone again at the 20th Year Reunion!

Class of 1993 - 20 Year Reunion

Saturday 3 August 2013 - 7 to11pm

Wow...20 yrs, how did that sneak up on me! In a very spontaneous moment I boarded a plane and headed down to Melb for the 20 yr reunion and am so glad I did. Couldn't believe how quickly familiar faces and names came flooding back to me. It was great to get together with old friends and I soon discovered that I wasn't the only one who had somehow misplaced 2 decades! Had a great night and hope to make more of an effort to stay in touch with those lifelong friends I met at Eltham College. - Natasha Smith (Nee Venn)

Class of 2003 - 10 Year Reunion

Saturday 22 June 2013 - 7 to11pm

Surely 10 years hadn't passed since we left the comfortable confines of Eltham College? Surely we had a little more time up our sleeves? Yet, there we were, on a chilly June evening, coming together at Swipers Gully. Walking into the venue, I'll admit to a few nerves; it seemed strange to try to pick up where I left off with people I hadn't seen for a full decade. But the huge turnout - more than 100 former classmates showed up - and buzzing atmosphere quickly killed the nerves. Most of us were instantly recognisable - in both appearance and manner - and it was really terrific to see people genuinely catching up and sharing stories from the past 10 years. Smiling faces were everywhere and the drinks flowed freely. Our year level captains were perhaps a touch unlucky to be asked for impromptu speeches but, predictably, they acquitted themselves well. The photo board made for some good comparisons; again, it was remarkable to see how little we'd changed over the years. Having drained the venue of booze, we moved on to the Eltham Pub for a few more drinks and laughs. A rousing rendition of the school song brought back strong memories and rounded off a really awesome night. Very much looking forward to the next one

Class of 1988 - 25 Year Reunion

Saturday 4 May 2013 - 7 to11pm

Having missed the 10 and 20 year reunions, due to illness and being 'just about to pop' pregnant, it was with great trepidation that I attended the 25th school reunion. I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t the massive party that the 20 year reunion had been (shame – I was ready for it!), but a small but distinguished group met at the Geebung Polo Club. Delicious food and an open bar – all our dreams come true from our youth. Many surprises in the bunch. When we walked in, there were a few familiar faces. A strange feeling to remember not the name immediately, but the face, school antics and personalities in detail. Some hit off immediately, chatting about their experiences, others shy, warming up in small groups. So many experiences. Such a cliché I know but some of the things that this group had experienced and done were truly amazing. Travel, pursuing passions, children (some with lots and lots!), loss, marriages, great successes. It has been said, by American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, the measure of success is “to laugh often and love much; … to appreciate, to find the best in others; to give of oneself; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm …”, What a great representation of the class of 1988! An impressive group of lovely people, sadly many faces missing

Class of 2012 - First Reunion

Friday 8 March 2013 - 7 to 9:30pm

A reunion held so soon after the final days of school may seem pointless, but the reality is, there was still so much still to talk about at the Class of 2012 first reunion. With Schoolies, post-school celebrations and the beginning of tertiary studies, the room was buzzing with noisy hello’s and reconnecting with the friends not seen so often. The year twelve DVD instigated even more nostalgic chatter and laughs. It’s quite strange to come back as a group to the College after spending so many years together here, even if we do all chat on various social media! It will be very interesting to see the changes that occur over the following 10 years before our next reunion.

Class of 1982 - 30 Year Reunion

Saturday 27 October 2012 - 7-11pm

The commentary and nervous energy picked up as we entered Eltham, I was the designated driver for the night and had picked up various friends on the journey to Research, cloes friends that I had made at Eltham College and had kept over the years. One of my passengers Richard Blackburn had flown down from Sydney for the night and had grown up in Kangaroo Ground and in fact we used to go rabbit shooting on land bordering ELTHAM College something that now that would result in a lock down of the school I’m sure. Innocence lost?? On entering the Swipers Gully, one of the first faces I saw was “Ned” the school librarian, what an amazing women! 80 years old and still greeted me (by name) and then proceeded to ask me (by name) how my two sisters who had also attended ELTHAM College are, extraordinary! Memories came flooding back as faces appeared, conversation flowed easily as the night progressed, stories of business success abounded, a professional writer, a music industry executive, human resources entrepreneur an architect to name a few, a happy vibe prevailed all night, no doubt helped by the wonderful hospitality provided by the staff/students at Swipers Gully and the remarkable Ann Plush, well done to all a great night, bring on the next one!

Class of 1997 - 15 Year Reunion

Saturday 8 September 2012 - 7-11pm

It was with a bit of excitement that I made my way to the Geebung for the Class of 1997's 15 year reunion in September. For me personally, it felt like my life had changed dramatically in the five intervening years since the last reunion and I was interested to hear how the other people in my year were travelling on their own journeys. While Facebook has provided a window to peek into my classmate's lives, it doesn't replace a social catch-up and conversation. I went to school with a great group of people, and their company was the reason that our 15 year reunion was such an enjoyable event. Everyone mingled and caught up; the conversation flowed easily, as did the food and drinks. It was inspiring to hear from my peers about their lives and was fantastic to catch up with some people I hadn't seen in almost half a life-time. The displays of photos from our time at Eltham College made great talking points and the messages from Berlin-based College Captain Kristen Harrison and our reflection on absent friends rounded off the formal part of the night. Not wanting to wrap up the evening too early, on closing time a large group made the trek to a (not-so) nearby pub to continue the festivities until the wee hours. I'm hoping that the next five years are as rewarding for the class of 1997 as the preceding five, and I'll be watching/stalking those of you on Facebook to see how you're travelling.

Class of 1992 - 20 Year Reunion

Saturday July 28th 2012 - 7 - 11pm

Can it really be 20 years since we were last at ELTHAM? The class of '92 recently gathered to celebrate our 20 year reunion. As I checked out our year group, it seemed that the years have been kind to us; we are still a very good looking bunch of students! After the initial nervous hang by the entrance to see who is here, and the curious glances of ‘I think I recognize that face’, relief came with the very handy name tags which led to led to lots of hugs and kisses as well as ‘you haven’t changed a bit’ comments. Glenn Singleton entertained us all by welcoming us to the reunion and encouraging us to venture from the bar and mingle. It was a great night and another catch up is in the planning, so we don’t have to wait 5 years for the next one. Stay in touch on Facebook to see how each of us is travelling either via the ExECs or our own Class of '92 page.

Class of 2002 - 10 Year Reunion

Saturday June 16th 2012 - 7 - 11pm

The drive out to the College and beyond brought back flooding memories and set the scene for reminiscing with school friends past. With a turnout of about 70 ex collegians strong, the venue at Swipers Gully progressively started to fill with laughter and chatter after warming greetings were shared between high school friends. There was a constant rotation of groupings as old friends made up for the lost time between drinks, although 10 long years had gone past the banter proved just how fond the memories had been. Many tried to decipher the ‘most changed’ to be unofficially awarded and Mr Steer provided a photographic paper trail in the form of our year book! A night thoroughly enjoyed by all who could make it, hopefully lesser time will pass before our next social gathering as many numbers were exchanged and countless ‘facebook’ friend requests were made. Good times, why'd I let them slip away.....

Class of 1987 - 25 Year Reunion

Saturday April 28th 2012 - 7 - 11pm

The night started of quite casual and of one of a more subdued nature. You could see that all were comfortable in chatting to their mates, like no time had past. The whispered 'Is that......?' was heard from every gathered group as each person entered the arena. As I recall from my school years this was a group of fun-loving people and it didn't disappoint. After a great night held at the Geebung Polo Club (until closing of course) we all staggered over to the infamous Tower Hotel, Hawthorn. The laughing and joking would have woken the neighborhood. Most were on foot, some, (I won't mention any names), were riding the bonnets of moving cars! Overall a great night and I'm sure it will be just as good at the 30th reunion.

Class of 2011 - First Reunion

Friday March 2nd 2012 - 7pm to 9:30pm

On the 2nd of March, a mere 3 months since the final exams, a group of 2011 EXECs gathered at the Swiper’s Gully Hospitality Centre to catch up on the events that had taken place over summer and what they were pursuing over the coming months. It was fantastic to see the many and varying paths that the newest EXECs had chosen. This huge span is representative of the diversity within our year level that continues to grow and expand today. The evening was also an opportunity to reflect on all that had happened over the time that we spent together as a cohort with some students remaining together right from the age of 3 or 4! I personally look forward to future reunions where I can see what the exciting friends I made at Eltham College grow to become and choose to pursue in the coming years.

Class of 1981 - 30 Year Reunion

Saturday 5 November 2011, 7:00 to 11:00pm

We all gathered with some nervousness and trepidation at Swipers Gully on a balmy Saturday evening in November...some 30 years after we had bid farewell to Eltham College. Wow 30 years!! The College was less than 10 years old when we left…. it didn’t have a ‘D. D. Davey Library’, the sports fields over the road was bush used for orienteering and there certainly wasn’t a city campus. The night started with cries of “you haven’t changed one bit” ... followed by stories of each other’s travels, family, employment, and children, however by the end of the evening, the room was filled with memories of our years at the College and reminding the teachers what ‘perfect’ students we all were !! Of course the girls green PE uniform, the 3 rubbish bins and Mr Davey’s fire truck were all remembered with a laugh. In reality, some of us had changed a little (and some a lot), but the stories flowed like we had all been together just yesterday. A great turn out of Ex ELTHAM students attended, considering its been such a long time, and it was also fantastic to see a large number of ex staff and teachers...who amazed us by remembering so many of us and incredible details about our year group. Mrs Hewitt even made the trip from Sorrento and eventually arrived 2 hours late after her car broke down along the way... such commitment to do a role call after all these years ! The evening continued at the Eltham Hotel and eventually everyone departed with suggestions of all meeting again in 5 years for the 35th reunion for the class of ‘81 !!

Class of 1996 - 15 Year Reunion

Saturday 20 August 2011, 7:00 to 11:00pm

After receiving my invitation to the Class of 1996-15 year reunion, I looked through the student list and thought, “not a bad group, I should make the effort to attend”. When I noticed that it was at the Geebung Polo Club I thought “why not?” my daughter always said it was an OK place , so off I went, to see what influence I had managed to have on some of the greatest minds ELTHAM had produced. On entering I was met by Yvette Hurst who immediately offered me a drink, a good start to the night. Johnny Rogers and Ian Whitford had also turned up, so like a good teacher I ignored the students and had a good yarn with them. I eventually found Melati Box, now a teacher herself, and had an amazing conversation confirming Primary teaching is still a great career. Katherine Hand filled me in on the trials and tribulations of working in a soon to be replaced, rearranged, government department. I spoke with Daniel Costanzo, Pierston Hawkins and Oliver Clark, but by this stage it was getting past my use by time so I needed to head home. However, as I begin to leave I find that there are at least twenty other people who I would really like to speak with, so I finish up staying longer. This was a great reunion! I enjoyed catching up with the Class of ‘96 and concluded the world may be safe if this is the next generation. I give them all a 5, which is the highest grading in our middle school assessment system at the moment. Thanks to all those who attended, and to Ann P for her usual superb organization.

Class of 1991 - 20 Year Reunion

Saturday 30 July 2011, 7:00 to 11:00pm

What a trip down memory lane. Can it really be 20 years since we were last here…..? What a wonderful night was had by all at the recent Class of 1991 20 year reunion. After the usual questioning looks and inquisitive ‘I think I recognize that face’ gazes, confirmation of names via name tags led to lots of hugs and kisses as well as ‘you haven’t changed a bit’ announcements. Some were taken on a tour of the school prior to the event, which raised many memories such as “I remember climbing those” and “I fell over there” as well as lots of wide-eyed “oh look at the new facilities”. Many enjoyed the night so much that there was even talk of a 21st catch up, I think for many the night flew by and was loads of fun.

Class of 2001 - 10 Year Reunion

Saturday 7 May 2011, 7:00 to 11:00pm

On a frosty May evening, a large swathe of the EC Class of 2001 gathered at Swiper's Gully Restaurant for our 10 year reunion. Though all had kept in touch with pockets of friends from our days at the College, there were plenty of long-forgotten faces in the eyes of all present. But a steady trickle of booze and a lively atmosphere, in the close surrounds of our old stomping ground, helped to calm the inevitable nerves. Before too long, old classmates and old sparring partners, old flames and old rivals were swapping anecdotes and filling in the blanks of the last 10 years. I was struck by three things - one unexpected, one positive, and one disappointing. First, I didn't anticipate the diversity in the extent to which people had changed: some appeared so different from how I remember them that it took me a few minutes to figure out who they were; yet for others it seemed as though they'd just hopped off the school bus. The most positive aspect of the evening was the conviviality and genuine warmth shown by all present - this, in my mind, was what made the made the evening truly worthwhile and memorable. The only disappointment was the lack of current and former staff in attendance (Peter Duffel and Ian Whitford being stand-out exceptions), despite the efforts of the organisers to invite them along. Perhaps the staff really were relieved to see the back of us in November 2001. Maybe the thought of another Brent Crockford impersonation or Gareth Baird jibe was just too much to bear. It's a pity, really, because, all things considered, we've turned out to be a pretty friendly, earnest and decent bunch

Class of 2010 - First Reunion

Friday 18 March 2011, 7:00 to 9:00pm

While it may seem odd to have a reunion after such a short period after the finish of high school, the most recent ExEcs reunion was undeniably a largely exciting experience. With so much to talk about, including Schoolies, post-school celebrations and the beginning dawn of university days, the reunion was full of healthy chatter and the coming together of ‘long-time-no-see’ friends. The long awaited year twelve DVD brought with it many a nostalgic chortle, and David Warner’s speech was something every student truly missed. It is a fascinating feeling to see a community, which was once so tight, to break apart, engage in some incredible experiences, and come back together. With the next ExEcs reunion being so far off, one can only imagine what the interim future might hold for the year group of 2010

Class of 1986 - 25 Year Reunion

Saturday 12 February 2011, 7:00 to 11:00pm

A crisp night and a spectacular back drop of the city of Melbourne skyline greeted us at the open air roof top bar at the Mountain View Hotel in Richmond. A relatively small crowd was in attendance, probably a reflection of busy schedules at that time of year, but the laughs were flying… Martin Tenant had his usual comedy routine in full flight to entertain the crew and stories were surfacing not only of school day antics but past reunions as well. Some had been to all previous reunions, but for some it was a nervous first, quickly overcome with a glass or two of wine. As the reminiscing continued, the talk veered to rounding up the troops for the 30 year reunion in 2016!!

Class of 1990 – 20 Year Reunion

Saturday 23 October 2010, 7:00–11pm

It has been 10 years since the class of 1990 had come together and it was with much anticipation that we had the opportunity to meet again and rekindle old friendships. People had come from far and wide including Amanda Dassell who flew all the way from Kentucky in the USA! A group of around 40 ex-students as well as 5 staff gathered at Swiper’s Gully on Saturday the 23rd of October. Some things had definitely changed since our time at the College – the hospitality centre for one was new to us all. However, some things never change. Although many years had passed since we completed Year 12, everyone looked familiar –even Mr Rogers was still sporting his trademark thick moustache, recalling his reign during the glory days of Nillumbik House! The night passed all too quickly as we reminisced about our days at the College and recounted what had happened to us since leaving school including travel, babies, higher degrees, marriage and divorce. Thank you to Ann Plush and the Ex-EC committee for hosting this fun evening. We hope to see many more faces at our next reunion in 5 years time!

Class of 1995 – 15 Year Reunion

Saturday 14 August 2010, 7:30–11:30pm

Although it didn't seem that long since we'd caught up at the 10 year reunion, the amount of career changes, marriages, new babies and tales of travel adventure were such that it was clear another 5 years had past since we were all at school together. A medium sized group from the Class of '95 met up at a venue in Hawthorn in August, and once again it was like we'd never parted. The old jokes came out and as the drinks flowed, so too did the memories and joy taken at each other’s new achievements and plans for the future. We laughed at old school photos displayed on the walls and enjoyed catching up with teachers who very kindly made the effort to come along to see how we’d all turned out. Thanks to the ExECS Association for putting on such a fun event and we look forward to catching up with everyone again at the 20th Year Reunion!

Class of 1980 – 30 Year Reunion

Saturday 19 June 2010, 7:00–11pm

It was well worth the drive from all over Melbourne to catch up with classmates from all those years ago. The small number of people attending it meant that we could actually get around to talk to everyone. It is interesting that after so many years we can enjoy a conversation with ex students that we hardly spoke to during the entire 6 years spent at the school! It was great to see people who had not made it to either the 10 or 20 year reunion but that, through word of mouth, or circumstance, had managed to get to this reunion. It was also pleasing to see the effort made by ex teachers who attended on the night – their ability to recall details about individual students after all these years is incredible. We enjoyed reminiscing about memories from school camps, pet flies, the Bogong moth plague & the girls bottle-green PE uniform. We’re glad the next reunion will be in 5 years rather than 10. (It is a scary thought that in 10 years we will be almost 60!) Quite a few people were missing from this reunion – hopefully they will be inspired to attend the next one. We’re all getting older but apart from different hair-styles & maybe a couple extra kilos we haven’t changed that much!

Class of 2000 – 10 Year Reunion

Held 1 May 2010

The Class of 2000's 10 year reunion was a chance for people to catch up face-to face rather than facebook-to-facebook. Any potential nerves upon arrival were quickly settled by a familiar face or a glass of bubbly, and the night of catch-ups ensued. People were told 'You haven't changed a bit' or 'You've changed so much' and I'm yet to decide which one, if either, is a compliment. Staff who joined us on the night to brave the task of recalling faces, reported that the 80-odd exECs in attendance was a rowdy bunch and were difficult to quieten down for any announcements throughout the night..not much had changed. As a group, we acknowledged our fallen class mates, and saw their faces, along with everyone else's on that embarrasing Year 12 video that didn't fail to remind us all of our late '90s chubby adolescence. To all those who couldn't come, or chose not to, you were missed and sought after. Let's see who dares to go bush again for the 20 year get together. Thanks to ExECs and Eltham College for organising the reunion - the bus-trip to Eltham Station/Pub afterwards was apparently well worth the effort. - Petrea Cahir

2010 Business Breakfast

Held 21 April 2010

What a great success! This was ExECS first Business Breakfast and we could not have hoped for more. A beautiful venue and inspiring speaker in Steven Bradbury OAM combined with a wonderful mix of ELTHAM Community members. There were representatives from the ExECS body from Class of 1981 right up to Class of 2009, Ex Staff and Current Parents together with the College Founder Les Clarke and Current Principal David Warner. We all listened intently to the Steve Bradbury’s amazing story and laughed at his very “Australian” brand of humour. It was a great occasion to launch the brand new and improved ExECS website and online Business Directory.

Class of 1985 – 25 Year Reunion

Held 13 March 2010

On Saturday 13th March the class of 1985 held its 25 year reunion at the Geebung Polo Club and a great time was had by all. Former students and teachers spent time together reminiscing and catching up with each other over great food and drinks. A highlight of the evening was the capacity to check out every class photo taken during the school journey - those crazy '80s hairdos and the beauty of us all in our youth! As the night wore on old friendships were re-kindled and a raft of memories surfaced. The former Head Master, Dr Webb, spoke fondly of the class of 1985 and his delight in touching base again with many of his students. Helen Durham expressed the genuine nature of the relationships developed over 6 short years at school and noted the strong connection everyone felt despite not regularly catching up.  As the evening ended many promised to keep in touch and looked forward the seeing each other again in five years time!

Class of 1984 – 25 Year Reunion

Held 15 December 2009

Such a fabulous rainy reunion night with good food wine and surrounding views. Time went too quickly. I felt the richness in the fabric of my earlier years woven with faces, stories and memories of times past. To see those faces again felt like appreciating special treasures from the past and part the person I am today time (in 5 years time) to find out what they were. I hope you will. - Kate Fielding

Class of 1989 – 20 Year Reunion

Held 24 October 2009

Arriving in the car park of Swipers Gully in the early evening of Saturday 24th October, I have to say was a little nervy. I hadn’t seen anyone from school since our 10 year reunion and it may have been the full 20 years since I had last seen those that didn’t make it that night. However, 10 minutes later and all the nerves and apprehension were gone. It’s amazing how easy it was to recognize people and how simple it was to fall into conversations about school days and to catch up on what everyone had been doing since; Married/not married? Kids/no kids/how old? Tattoos/what/where? The range of occupations included stay-at-home parents, hairdressers, manual laborers, business executives, teachers, scientists, and everything in between and beyond. Many still lived in the local area, and many more had moved elsewhere in Melbourne. However, it was especially great to see the number who travelled interstate just for the occasion. A highlight of the evening had to be perusing the class photos on display – perms and mullets – the 80’s have a lot to answer for! See you all (and more, I hope) again in 5 years ϑ Kylie Pilkington (nee Knuckey).

Class of 1994 – 15 Year Reunion

Held 1 August 2009

An intimate bar with great atmosphere was the venue for the Class of 1994’s 15 year reunion, one of the first held off campus. Great food, private bar service and big screen music meant Barr’d in East Ivanhoe was a great setting for a get together where conversations drifted from school days to the goings on of the past 5 years. In some instances not much had changed, in others monumental differences. As the invite suggested, “a lot can happen in 5 years”! We hope to see many more of you at the next reunion, (20 years !!), in 2014

Class of 2008 – Reunion BBQ

Held 5 February 2009

On the 5th February, the ExECS Association hosted a reunion for the class of 2008 outside the senior school building in the sail yard. The atmosphere of this event was sombre, with many, no doubt, in a state of disbelief; thinking that we were on an extended holiday and that graduation was someone’s idea of a joke. The reunion started with the students of the class of 2008 chatting and catching up on time past, while eating and drinking the food provided by ExECS. After an hour of catching up we relocated to the Library auditorium to watch the 2008 Year 12 DVD which was made by a group of students to celebrate our years shared at ELTHAM College. The DVD inspires the idea of a community; select students from the 2008 class put together a DVD for the entire year level to enjoy. This idea of a community is what students will remember most from their time at ELTHAM College, and I know that we will all be looking forward to the next class of 2008 reunion.
- Luke Rosa