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Bob Ross Honoured: Chemistry Educator of the Year

Bob Ross Honoured: Chemistry Educator of the Year

Bob Ross, Student Advocate in Senior Years has been honoured as Chemistry Educator of the Year by the Chemistry Teachers' Association at a recent dinner.

What follows are excerpts from an address by Penny Commons a past ELTHAM teacher, now at Melbourne University.

“Bob has spent his life caring for students, teaching chemistry and science and encouraging young people to enjoy the outdoors. It is no exaggeration to say that he is a legend at ELTHAM College where he has taught for over 30 years.

… Bob’s dedication to his students meant he spent many hours developing workbooks and notes and selecting the most appropriate pracs and demonstrations in order to sustain interest in chemistry. …

However, it is not just for the almost 50 years of inspiring classroom teaching that Bob is receiving this tribute, … but also for his willingness to become involved with every other aspect of chemistry education.

The first area to mention is Bob’s involvement in associations such as the old Subject Standing Committees, RACI, STAV and CEA. In the seventies and eighties, when the Chemistry Standing Committee was a driving force in the development of teaching in the subject, Bob was a hard working committee member. Bob was also the treasurer of both STAV and CEA during the late seventies and eighties; and very involved in Chemistry conferences that were run by these associations and organized by several people here tonight. …

During the 80’s Bob was a member of the Option committees, assisting in the writing of options, such as the Comalco aluminium booklet, and serving on accreditation panels. …

Bob contributed significantly to the CEA team by writing and developing some of these ChemCAL units for VCE students, in particular for topics such as equilibrium and redox reactions.

Another major area in which Bob contributed to the development of curriculum materials is his involvement in textbook writing as a part of the CEA/Heinemann/Pearson team for the very successful Chemistry One and Chemistry Two series. Bob has been a member of the writing team since its beginning in late 1989 until the present time, rather bravely agreeing to be part of the team who will write for the Australian curriculum. …

This weekend he will attend a meeting to refine the marking scheme for the marking of VCE Chemistry exams as he has done for many years. …

Other ways in which Bob has contributed include assisting in the development of the Demonstration Book in the early 80’s and his articles in ‘The Age’ newspaper for revision for VCE students in more recent years.

To all these activities Bob has given 100% effort. He has completed every challenge he has undertaken reliably and punctually, and spread friendship and goodwill among all who have interacted and worked with him. Bob’s students have received the highest quality chemistry education, delivered with the passion of a teacher who really believes in encouraging younger generations to achieve their highest potential. …”