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ExEC Wins Architect Design Competition with MARK

ExEC Wins Architect Design Competition with MARK

Phoebe Baker-Gabb (Class of 2008)

" Since leaving Eltham I have been studying Interior Design at RMIT and am now in my fourth and final year. I am currently writing my thesis and interning at Melbourne design studio Foolscap Studio, and teaching first year Interior Design as a student tutor.

I entered an architectural competition, Superstudio 2012, with two friends from Landscape Architecture, also studying at RMIT, Ben Kazacos and Brock Hogan.  The competition is run by SONA. It is a 24-hour national design competition. Participants were asked to write a manifesto, design a proposal for the Venice Architecture Biennale and design a proposal for an event space at the 2013 National Conference of Architecture to be held in Melbourne.  After making it through to the next round we were given a further week to refine our design and submit them again to a national panel.

The project, named MARK, is an interactive and modular wall made from pencils. As people interact with it, it draws and as the pencils are sharpened it creates a form. This stems from our belief that Architecture should be designed and defined by the people using it, the architect acting as a facilitator.

To my utter disbelief we won the national competition and will be flown to Venice at the end of this year to attend the Biennale, taking MARK with us."

Check out the video on the SONA website......... it is definitely worth a look!