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A great year for reunions!

A great year for reunions!

The final reunion for 2012 has been and gone, so we can now relax, reflect and look forward.  Over 270 ExECS and Staff  attended jovial and often raucous affairs, which can be seen in all the fabulous photos.

The two “Off Campus” reunions at The Geebung, (15 and 25 years), seem to be working well, but we are always open to suggestion! Now we just need to look toward 2012 for the next round of get togethers. The 2013 reunion schedule has been posted to the website and the facebook page, so make sure you diarise the dates and let us know if your details have changed. We start proceedings with the Class of 2012 on March 8th.

Have a very safe and happy summer break, enjoy time with your families, and we will look forward to seeing some faces, new and not so new, in 2013!