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Poached veal ticket to France

Hospitality in Year 9, 2004 through to Year 12 was the start of Matthew Carnell’s passion for cooking. Matt, ( Class of 2007) who has an apprenticeship with Mercers in Eltham, was one of two winners of the Thierry Marx Career Development Award on April 30.

The Award offers two Victorian cookery apprentices a chance to spend a month in France working with Thierry Marx who was the 2006 Relais Gourmands French Chef of the Year.

Matt and Tim Squires of Gingerboy submitted two original recipes as part of the selection criteria. Matt’s two dishes were a poached veal loin with smoked beetroot puree and herbed salad and a trio of lamb with pea puree, potato squares and herbed salad. The judges went to Mercers to taste Matt’s cooking and assess his technical culinary skills and interpersonal skills in normal working conditions. The CEO of Restaurant and Catering Victoria, Todd Blake is quoted as saying, “They were not only chosen for their cooking abilities but their passion and dedication to their craft and their industry.”

Matt leaves for Bordeaux in August where he will spend a month working at Thierry Marx’s 18th Century Chateau Cordeillan-Bages. He will be exposed to the wonders of Molecular Gastronomy – sounds a lot less appetising than poached veal!

Bon chance Matt!